We welcome all wholesale enquiries. If you are interested or want to find out more information then please don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us. We are always happy to help.

Butcher Shops & Catering Butchers

Having been in the retail game from 1889 to 1997 we know the industry well and know what the customer wants.

We work with you to stock the best products for your shop. One thing we’ve found over the years that some varieties sell better in certain locations, and sharing this knowledge enables us to target and tailor the market directly.

As for Caterers, working with many hotels & Restaurants we understand the demands and the need for high quality product in such a competitive market. We will work together to devise a product plan that best suits your business.

Bars, Restaurants & Hotels

Whether its for Breakfast, lunch or dinner we work together to identify the correct variety that best compliments your menu.

With different sizes we can cater for the chefs needs and with frequent mid week deliveries the product could be made at 3am and be on the plate that evening! Not many can say the product is that fresh!

Conveniance Store and Supermarkets

Local convenience stores rely on good quality fresh produce made with pride. Something we are passionate about.

In recent years AW Lashfords has invested in the pre-packaged product industry enabling us to package our produce into approximately 1 lb packets with the ability weigh and price on site saving you time and money in doing so.

We use blue polystyrene trays which differs from the common black tray so our product can stand out from the rest and be an eye catcher.

All products are labelled detailing the allergens and nutritional information increasing transparency to your customer.

We believe what sets us apart is that we also actively participate in company promotions located at your store which tries to increase awareness and sales at your shop.

Street Food & Pop-ups

The most recent progression in the industry is the many street food vendors popping up across the country.

Trends are moving towards a high quality, high meat content product which is a market we know well!

Having been suppliers to some stalls at the Birmingham Christmas Market, Worcester Victorian Market and various farm shows across the region we know how fierce the competition is here so we are happy to supply our promotional material to help spread the word!

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