Our Story

AW Lashfords has been providing high-quality produce since 1889

AW Lashfords has been providing high-quality produce since 1889, starting from a small shop in Kings Heath we now operate a manufacturing unit – only 2 miles from our site back then! Now in the 5th generation of Lashford, our tradition and story live on.

We supply a range of hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, butcher shops and stores all chosen that match our standards.

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Purpose, Values & Principles

As a business we are defined by the following:

Working With Others

Sourcing ingredients from the finest quality suppliers using British Pork known for its succulent flavour. As a small business ourselves we also recognise the importance of buying local and where possible, our produce is sourced locally supporting the area.

Carefully choosing our outlets that match the values of our business. Our manufacturing is compliant with all food standard regulations and therefore these high standards are mirrored in our outlets. 

Customer Care

AW Lashfords are committed to providing a product and service that consistently offers quality at a good, reasonable price.

Our products undergo regular, routine testing to ensure our standards are not slipping.


As a Traditional family-run Business we mix a fantastic product whilst our operations are dealt with integrity and respect for everybody.


We start operations at 1am which means the product is fresh and can be out on the road and in the shops as they open.

We start early so it gives you maximum shelf life and can be on your fry up only hours after being mixed!


Vision. The industry is constantly evolving. Setting out our operational standards and guidelines helps us prepare for the future of the business to ensure that your relatives of the next 100 years have the same standards as ever.

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